How I Went from Zero to Half A Million In My First Year of Business | 2019 Year In Review

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When I quit my corporate job May 2018 … I didn’t have a backup plan. I didn’t have another job lined up. I didn’t really even have a plan. All I knew was that there was more for me in life outside of moving up the corporate ladder and sitting in a cubicle all day.

During that period of time where I was still figuring out what I REALLY wanted to do,  I knew was that I was sold on the “influencer” life and had always wanted to start a Youtube channel. Ever since I was in high school, starting a Youtube channel was always something that was in the back of my mind. Obviously at that age, you care so much about what your peers think… so the Youtube channel never happened.

That’s why since quitting my corporate job (plus the fact that it was summer), I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to finally do the damn thing and jumpstart the channel. At that time, I really had nothing to lose, and I had wayyyy too much time on my hands.

Unfortunately (or maybe even fortunately for me), within just a month of starting my channel after quitting cold turkey, I then decided to become a coffee barista to get some extra cash. 

Here’s a photo for proof:

Truth be told, it’s really thanks to social media where I’ve been able to have the business that I have right now. Today, I have a multiple six figure business and we’re going to hit 7-figures this year. I have no doubt about it. The craziest part is to witness all of this happened in one year alone, which is insane. 

So how did a lost millennial who just quit her cushy 65K/year head office corporate job, turned struggling Youtuber and coffee barista suddenly become a multiple 6-figure earner and entrepreneur?

Today’s episode on the Turn Your Followers Podcast, we break down month by month how I did in 2019, the actions I took, struggles I faced, AND if you listen to the episode,  I break down how much money we made revenue wise PLUS the top three biggest expenses in my business. 


[05:52] Learn more about my backstory before I “accidentally” started my coaching business in 2019

[10:30] Find out how I made $7,400 in January, my first month of launching my coaching business!

[21:02] The ONE thing a lot of new entrepreneurs don’t realize when it comes to cashflow, that led me to make $21,800 in February… PLUS find out who my first hire was and why I hired them.

 [24:51] Why I STOPPED offering 1:1 services and how it affected my sales in March, where I made $8,700.

[31:20] How I managed to make multiple 6-figures within 4 months of launching my business, skyrocketing my sales to $205,000 in April.

[39:30] What my first 20K+ investment looked like and how I finally started making passive income with my program, which allowed me to make $13,500 in May.

[40:34] My first taste of entering the feast and famine cycle, which led me to make NEGATIVE revenue in June. Precisely -$1,200!

[43:45] What it was like to have ZERO product offerings but still manage to make $12,500 in July. Plus, what it was like to deal with major burnout following a course launch.

[45:10] Making $12,400 in August and the ONE role I am SO happy I delegated and got off my plate (that MANY entrepreneurs should let go of, STAT!)

[47:24] What it felt like to hit the last month of my students payment plans, finishing the payment plan cohort at $9,300 in September. 

[48:20] How I 10xed my return on the 20K investment I made in May, bringing my revenue to $187,700 in October.

[49:54] What it was like to blow up my own free Facebook group and niche down. Plus, how our new evergreen system made us $80,000 in November.

[52:33] What Christmas sales are like, bringing our December revenue to $135,000 in course sales.

[54:18] What our total 2019 profit margins are like, and how much our company made TOTAL in 2019, plus the break down of each revenue stream we have.

[56:20] What our major top 3 expenses are in our business, and which ones surprised me most!


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– Vanessa

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