Your Ultimate Guide to IG Bios and Instagram Stories

When someone wants to grow on Instagram, what do you think of?

Usually there’s taking amazing photos and writing flawless captions. 

And those two things are ALL you need to grow your IG.


YES, the effort of writing engaging captions is important..

The biggest caption mistakes I’m STILL seeing on my feed… 

And YES, batching amazing photos helps a lot…

How do I batch MONTHS worth of content in one day?

But there are some key points on Instagram that can make the biggest difference in attracting new leads, and helping people find you better WITHOUT even posting a new photo.


This is what people see BEFORE they even dive into your epic feed.

What’s your colour scheme? Do you have a quote-photo pattern? Are you doing a 3-photo-spread?

Before anyone ever sees that, they are reading your bio to learn about YOU.

This is where most people will get their first impression of you.

Make it count with these 5 tips.

Now don’t scroll down to their feed just yet.

There’s another CRUCIAL part of the account that people will keep seeing you.


Instagram Stories are the spot where your followers can check up with you way more regularly than your feed posts.

Since my previous IG Stories hack video, there have been some interesting changes on the platform. 

And since we’re clearly never getting chronological order back in our feed, here are 6 major mistakes I keep seeing on my timeline…

Now you know: Your Instagram account is NOT just the photos you take and the captions you write.

You have SO much room to experiment and connect with people on the platform.

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

– Vanessa

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