FAVOURITE Products, Apps, and Tools for HIGH QUALITY Content Creation


What tools do you use for your content creation?

In my latest Youtube video, I’ve shared my favorite products and hacks for content creation. These tools, apps, and tricks are the things I use on a day-to-day basis when it comes to creating content.

I create content every week on Instagram, Youtube, podcast, and even my paid program – Bossgram Academy. Because of this, I need to consistently find hacks on how to create content effortlessly. Whenever I stumble upon new amazing products, I have to try them.

So far, these are my favorite products, apps, and tools for high—quality content creation. If you are a content creator, this video is perfect for you.

Product #1: Portable Selfie Stick

The first product you need for high-quality content creation is a selfie stick. I bought mine off of Amazon. It’s the sturdiest selfie sticks I have ever come across. It also works as a phone stand.

I know this because I bought crappy ones in the past. But I’ve used this one pretty much almost every single day for multiple reasons. The number one reason why I bought it was because of Facebook and Instagram’s lives. I wanted to be on both platforms at the same time.

So this selfie stick has helped me kill two birds with one stone. It increased my reach and served my audience on multiple platforms. I would dual screen on both Facebook and Instagram.

You can get yours here on Amazon. Or, just navigate to my Tools section where you’ll see a bunch of my favorite products there.

Product #2: DJI Osmo Pocket Camera

The next product that I am obsessed with is the DJI Osmo pocket camera. I use this a lot for my content creation. It’s a very tiny camera and smaller than my hand. But it does film in 4k.

The audio quality is insane and it’s a gimbal. If you buy one of these, you don’t need any external microphone. The quality is amazing and it follows your face.

Wherever your face moves, the camera moves with you. That’s why I believe it’s a great vlogging camera.

If you don’t believe me, you can look at the video below. I filmed my entire YouTube video using the DJI Osmo Pocket.

Product #3: Airtable For Content Creation Organization

The third product is a website. It’s where my team and I organize all of our content creation and planning. It’s called Airtable.

If you are not familiar with Airtable, basically, it’s like spreadsheets on another level. It allows you to manage your content workflows for multiple platforms. You can also use it for different purposes that involve organizational tasks and spreadsheets.

My team and I use this a lot for our content workflows. Instead of using Trello or Asana, we find Airtable to be the easier platform for organizing our content creation. We house all of our Instagram graphics here, captions, and links on Airtable.

Not only that, but you’re also able to mark the post as “scheduled” or “published” as well. It’s one of my favourite tools for content creation and workflows.

Product #4: A Wooden iPhone Charger

Another product that is useful for content creation is a charger. My wooden iPhone charger is always situated on my desk. It’s facing me directly. So, whenever I have any notifications that come through, I’m able to see it right away.

It matches my desk and I think it’s super aesthetic. Well, at least for my office. Because I’m a content creator, I love keeping my eyes out for notifications. And with this iPhone charger, I’m able to do that easily.

Product #5: Camlink

I bet you’re wondering, “What is a Camlink and how can it help with my content creation?”

It’s a tool that allows you to turn your DSLR cameras into your webcam. This is something that I have been trying to find out for a long time. 

So, I figured that it didn’t make sense for me to buy a dedicated 4k webcam when I already have a DSLR camera. Besides, I needed to do it on a small budget. So, I’m already using the Sony A6400 and found out Camlink is my solution.

This is important to me because I use webcam a lot in my paid program at the Bossgram Academy. And due to the huge update that I’m currently working on, I need to ensure the quality of my lessons is top-notch.

Basically what you do is you plug the Cam Link device into your camera. Once you plug it in, your computer will now register your DSLR camera as your webcam. It’s helpful for Zoom meetings too. It’s helpful when you film footage for your courses or when you attend digital summits.

Product #6: Dummy Battery

The next item that I simply cannot live without when I do content creation is a dummy battery. A dummy battery is something that I have used since the beginning of my channel. I’ve talked about it quite a few times but I wanted to mention it again here.

It’s game-changing for content creators like me. If your camera is always dying on you, this is your solution. What you can do is you can go on Amazon. Then, search up to see whether or not your camera has a dummy battery.

Dummy battery is a battery that you can put into your camera. And then, you can plug it into the wall so that your camera never dies and is always on.

I use this dummy battery every time I do YouTube videos. YouTube videos take a long time to film. That’s why having a dummy battery is helpful,

Product #7: Remote

The next product is a remote that is compatible with your camera. If you are a Youtube, this is another game-changing product.

I do a lot of sit-down videos. I tend to film my videos in chunks. And so once I have all the little clips together, my video editor will string it together. And it’s important the background doesn’t change.

A remote allows you to turn your recording on and off without getting up from your seat. That’s why having a remote is super beneficial.

Product #8: ScreenFlow

Now, the next product that I have to recommend is software that I find is worth the money. This is true especially if you do a lot of tutorial-based content. And that is ScreenFlow.

ScreenFlow is a software that allows you to share your screen in super high quality.

It also allows you to edit your screen recordings and make them engaging. ScreenFlow allows you to film in 4k and it also allows for a lot better editing features.

It’s the same software I use to create my course content in the Bossgram Academy including my FREE Instagram caption strategy video lesson. If you haven’t checked the FREE lesson out, you should click here. You will be able to see the quality of the content.

Product #9: My Whole Youtube Setup for Content Creation

The next product I recommend for high-quality content creation is my Youtube setup. I’ve changed a lot when it comes to the quality of my videos and channel. My Youtube setup consists of:

📷 Camera Sony A6400
📸 Sigma lens
🎙 Rode Video Mic Pro

I remember when I was a rookie YouTuber, I had to learn a lot on how to put all tools together. So that I could get the quality that I want. And again, if you want more information on my products, go to my Tools section for a list of tools and apps I use.

Product #10: HyperLapse

I love HyperLapse. It allows me to do behind-the-scene content such as working out or me working on my business. That’s why this is highly recommended.

If you want to elevate your content, this is your app. It’s going to take your content game to the next level.

I have mentioned a list full of products, software hacks apps that I use to take my content creation to the next level. And, I hope that you found it helpful as always.

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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