The ONLY 3 Revenue Generating Activities on Instagram

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Unpopular opinion alert:  Many new coaches who are trying to thrive on social media need to get a serious kick in the pants to finally do things that matter in their businesses instead of wasting time doing things that simply aren’t generating revenue.

Many things a lot of people “work on”  are simply just busy work that is designed to keep you busy and designed to make you feel productive, but actually holds very little weight in business.

I hate to break this to you… but if you are a coach or a service provider and you haven’t signed a paid client YET you’re on Instagram aaaaaall the time, you’re likely doing something wrong or there’s a process in your workflow that is broken.

That’s why in this episode I really want to help you zone in on the only three revenue generating activities that you need to do on Instagram that will actually move the needle in your business so you can GET those paid clients. Let’s dive in!


[2:57] The first revenue generating activity to be aware of and a fatal mistake of how most new coaches are misusing this activity, which leads to blocked sales.

[4:20] What it means to really create content that generates demand for your products and services, step by step

[8:07] Three examples of types of content that can help lead your prospects closer to taking action and. buying your products and services

[15:17] The second revenue generating activity to actually make your content marketing efforts worth it

[17:35] A clear case study of a student of mine in The BOSSGRAM Academy who quickly generated interest for her program thanks to ONE shift she made

[20:35] The final revenue generating activity to tie it all together. This is probably one of the most important things to do, regardless if you have 100 followers, or 100,00 followers.

[24:00] An example of what a powerful DM conversation could look like, that has an extreme likelihood to leading to a sale.


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Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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