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Overcome Your Biggest YouTube Fears (Creator Burnout and Hate Comments)

There are two top fears people have when they’re starting on YouTube.

People are scared of creating content effectively (without burning out).

And they’re scared of getting hate for it.

As someone who has been filming 2 videos a week for the past 6 months, and was active on Youtube for a year…

These fears are LEGIT.


The best way to overcome them?

While I challenge myself to batch 3 MONTHS worth of content over the next few weeks, I’m sharing the journey AND my best tips to help you guys implement this batching technique into your own content.

It’s going to save you time, energy, and make the video process SO much easier.

The amount of time this frees up for me in my business is unreal.


But here’s something I hear all the time:

“Vanessa, why should I bother putting myself out there if someone is just going to leave a hateful comment about my work?”

Trust me, I know what it’s like to be petrified to get a hate comment AND I have been there myself with my fair share of hate.

See exhibit A…

But also remember that letting hate get between you and uploading is the same as letting the hate get between you and SUCCESS.

Here, you can learn all the steps I take to deal with hate.


There you go, Boss.

Now go and overcome MY two biggest fears 😂

Have an incredible week! 

Maybe you’ll work some batching into your schedule!

– Vanessa

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