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Helping content creators, coaches,
& corporate escapees build businesses 
they’ll never need an escape from.


Hey i’m


In 2018, I was climbing up the
corporate ladder at a Fortune 500
company, and I hated it.

I took the leap of faith and quit — but I wasn’t
an over-night success (you’ll see once you read
the full story!)

Today, we run a multi-million dollar company
dedicated to helping corporate escapees, content
creators, and new coaches expand their reach and
build incredible businesses using social
just like I did.

1 .0%
of millennials put in more than 40 hours of work per week.
Source: Dynamic Signal, Statista
1 %
Of Content Creators Don’t Make Enough to Surpass the Poverty Line

Source: Morning Consult

1 .0%
of Americans aged
13 – 38 would become a content creator if given the chance.

Source: Offenburg University of Applied Science, Frobes


  1. Technology has allowed us to be more efficient and to outsource
  2. Globalization has allowed us to share ideas and innovate
Bottom line

Our mission is to help content creators, coaches, 
and corporate escapees get visible AND get paid. Are you 
ready to join the growing creator economy?



Doing what you love AND having
an abundance of income, time
and freedom? That’s success.

This FREE masterclass shares our
proprietary Followers to Clients System™,
including three complimentary trainings
pulled directly from our paid program.

In 90 mins, you’ll learn how to:

  • Scale up your digital business from zero
  • Create content that gets 
    ready-to-pay clients
  • Turn Instagram to a lead gen machine

Game changing
success stories

Cherry T.
Omg bosses… I just hit a $10k month in coaching!
While working my 9 to 5 (going through quarter as a
corporate accountant), uploading 3 times a week on
YouTube and posting on Instagram every day!
Kenneth R.
I just realized that I’ve made for $10,000 in my local currency this week! I’ve 15x my BGA return on investment so Vanessa’s course is amazing. Oh, and for anyone who might be wondering whether you need a large audience: No. You need a quality audience. Mine’s LITERALLY 775 followers on Instagram only.
Kristina Y
I’ll be really honest, BGA and Vanessa’s free content opened my eyes to niching down and since then it has brought in 5x more income not just in my business but even as an influencer and content creator!
Ellie W
Since joining BGA 3 months ago, I have tripled my IG growth, closed 7 clients and am nearing 10k BEFORE having created a Free Masterclass.
Natanja B.
I joined BGA as the pandemic hit South Africa. And let me tell you, I have made my investment back so many times over. I have been able to quit my 9-5 and can now take my daughter to Disney for her 8th birthday.
Peggy S.
I have taken an embarrassingly huge amount of courses… Like paid thousands in totality for all of them… And not a single one stands up to Vanessa’s program. Her program is by far the best ever.
Jules S.
I am SO HAPPY to declare that I have NOT wasted a single dollar on BGA, it’s been an investment that paid off within the first 3 days. I was able to secure 3 clients and am blown away by how much an incredible teacher Vanessa is. Each lesson is so engaging and makes me want to come back for more.

This channel
is a force to be
reckoned with

Whether you’re a coach, content creator or budding entrepreneur, get ready to dive deep into some of the industry’s best kept social media and marketing secrets — I’m giving them out for free, right here.

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