Mindset and Strategy Shifts To Make at Each Income Level (0 to 7-figures)

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At every income level, it’s going to require a different version of you.

This is something that I didn’t know what true until I’ve experienced multiple level-ups myself in my business.

When I went from zero to my first 10k, there were certain things I had to focus on and specific mindset shifts I had to make in order to get out of my own head and getting confident in what I had to offer through A LOT of trial and error…

Shortly after hitting my first 10k, I. then moved on to make my first 6-figures. This in itself required a different strategy and type of focus.

At this stage, now that I knew what I was “good” at through SO much experimentation and trial and error (that essentially got me to 10k revenue), I now needed to focus on developing a scaleable PROCESS. 

By developing a scaleable PROCESS I could be known for and could coach a GROUP of people on, it allowed me to stop trading time for money, and instead of working with 5-10 1:1 clients, I was then able to enroll multiple hundreds at the same time. This allowed me to break through the 6-figure mark. By creating a scaleable framework for my clients and students.

Following hitting my first 6-figures, my next mission was to sustain it, and to make multiple 6 figures. Today in my business, we bring $50k – $100k + in revenue EVERY month. How?

Well, instead of focusing on refining our scaleable process for my students and clients, it was essential that my focus was now geared towards streamlining my FUNNELS, and answering the critical question of: WHAT CAN I AUTOMATE?

This includes automating the entire lead gen process, turning my systems on evergreen and hiring more people.

Once I did that, we were able to unlock consistent revenue, every single month.

NOW the next step for my business is to hit multiple 7 figures, and while we’re not there yet… I already know it’s going to require MANY more shifts from me. 

In this episode, I cover each income level in depth, and the person I had to become and the things I had to focus on in order to hit each level.


[02:00] A major lesson my own mentor walked me through when it comes to having income breakthroughs 

[10:00] The specific shifts and focuses to make when you want to go from zero to 10K months in revenue

[24:00] The specific shifts and focuses to make when you want to go from 10K to 100K  in revenue

[35:00] The specific shifts and focuses to make when you want to go from 100K in total revenue to 100k monthly

[40:00] The challenges I’m currently experiencing that I need to overcome to hit my first 7-figure calendar year


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– Vanessa

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