How to Gain Instagram Followers Organically in 2020


Nowadays, it can be tempting and easy trying to buy your way into Instagram success. You can buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, and anything you want on Instagram.

A lot of people spend money buying Instagram likes and Instagram followers without even realizing that it’s really hard to keep that financially for a long period of time.

And if one day, you suddenly stop all your financial investment of growing your Instagram account, it’s going to be very obvious that your past success was all fake.

I have seen so many influencers and content creators with huge Instagram accounts and had huge success and all of a sudden, there was a sudden drop in their followings simply because they had decided that it was not worth their investment anymore.

It's a dangerous spiral to find yourself in.

If you want to connect and engage with real audience who will potentially convert into clients, you need to realize how important it is to stick to organic Instagram strategies. Because if your followers are all fake or just ghost followers, you are simply talking to yourself.

But if you’re wondering how to grow Instagram organically especially if you are using Instagram for business, I am going to share with you some of my organic approaches when it comes to growing my Instagram account.

Tip #1: Change Your Name for SEO Purposes

The reason why changing your name on Instagram is important is because when people search certain keywords and your name has those words, you will show up on the result page.

This is a great exposure especially if you have a business or a service-based business because it drives traffic to your account automatically. This is one of the best ways to grow Instagram organically.

What you will need to do is capitalize the name section on your bio to help you rank higher in SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and the way this works depends on the types of keywords you are using to define yourself and your account.

For example, if people are looking for millennial content or business coach and they search that on Instagram, your name will pop up if you include the keywords “milennial business coach”.

The same with other keywords. If you are an Instagram growth coach and write that in your bio, when people search for “Instagram growth coach”, your account is more likely to rank first in the result page.

Tip #2: Write Captions That Convert

One of the best tips to grow Instagram followers is to connect with them on a deeper level. It’s really easy to post meaningless song lyric, quote, or emoji.

But if you want to grow Instagram organically in 2020, I suggest for you to add depth to your Instagram account. Pay attention to what you have to say and plan your content calendar accordingly.

A lot of people tend to care more about vanity metrics like the amount of Instagram likes you are getting, or how many people are leaving comments on your latest post.

But for me, I have changed my perspective and only measure my success on Instagram based on the amount of private conversations in my DMs that I have with other people.

How many of these private conversations have been converted to sales or clients?

That’s the only thing I care about these days. Because if you are using Instagram for business, the people who are engaging with you privately are your warmest leads.

Because I tend to take the time to cultivate strong relationships with my audience, most of my clients find me through Instagram DMs. My deep and well-thought captions have led my clients to me multiple times.

If you want to use your Instagram for business, I suggest you start writing long-form captions and treat your Instagram almost like your micro-blog.


Tip #3: Mixing Hashtags Sizes

When people hear the word hashtags, they tend to cringe and think of it as an irrelevant piece of advice when it comes to growing Instagram organically.

But if your target is to grow Instagram page, using hashtags allow you to increase reach.

However, number one problem that people tend to make is using big and generic hashtags like #business #success #lifestyle.

These hashtags are so huge that you are going to disappear in the explore page within less than five seconds. Because everyone is using them and there is no way for you to rank on the explore page if you are using these hashtags in your captions.

My recommendation is to take some time to find the best hashtags and mixing the smaller-sized hashtags with medium-sized hashtags that exist in your niche. The rule of thumb here is to focus on your niche or category and choose the hashtag sizes wisely.

Because the more you niche-down your account and more tailored you are, the more chances that people are going to want to follow your content because you are speaking to the right audience.

Tip #4: Rotate Your Hashtags

We are still talking about hashtags but if you are serious about growing your Instagram followers, rotating your hashtags is crucial.

This is one of the biggest mistakes most people are doing when it comes to growing Instagram accounts organically. They tend to use the same hashtags over and over again.

However, Instagram is pretty smart at tracking spams and if you are using the same sets of hashtags over and over again, your account will eventually be considered as a spam account.

This will decrease your reach and risk your account of not showing up on the feed of your followers and everyone else.

Tip #5: Community Engagement

Now, the fifth best way to grow Instagram organically is by getting involved in the community. I know a lot of people dread doing community engagement because it can be time consuming and exhausting.

But trust me when I say this. In order for you to grow Instagram account organically, you need to put your energy into the community and engage with other people in your niche or category.

There are a couple of reasons to why Instagram community engagement is important.

One of them is algorithm.

The more people are engaging with you and you engage back with them, the higher your chances of you getting your content being seen by them and others. It’s increasing your chances of showing up regularly on their feed and whenever you are posting, they will be the first ones to see them!

This is why community engagement is considered an important part of growing Instagram accounts organically. It also helps your page to rank automatically in the explore page. This specifically is crucial if your target is to expose your account more to people who are not following you yet.

In a Nutshell

Those are my five tips to grow Instagram followers organically. As a business or content creator, growing Instagram account is important. But you have to keep in mind that the only way you will get the right engagement is by growing your Instagram account organically.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are. Let me know which tip is your favourite one and if you have different advice, make sure you share some of the best ways to grow Instagram with us!

Let me know if you found this post helpful. And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out our FREE resources!

Rooting for you, Boss!

– Vanessa

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