How Much Youtubers REALLY make PLUS the ULTIMATE Equipment Hacks!

Whenever people talked about their YouTube income, I never got a straight answer.

They will go on about the adsense, the collabs, the brand deals…

But never how much they actually make.

I really want to break it DOWN.

I had a video hit a million views:

…. SO, I finally have the real FACTS and RECEIPTS to share.

Resource #1: How Youtube PAYS you and how Adsense REALLY works (it's NOT what you think)

Besides just how much money my video made, I want to break down how YouTube ad revenue even works and how much YouTube pays (and NO, it’s not JUST depending on how many views you get.)

That way, you can make the best decision on how YouTube could financially play a role in the growth of your brand.

I give you the most transparent view of how it works plus how much money I made off YouTube in my 4 months since becoming an official Youtube Partner.

After reflecting on my million-view video, I really took in that I posted my first video on July 25, 2018.

Since then, a LOT has changed…

Mostly in my knowledge for video equipment and the tips I learned while building my channel.

Resource #2: The Filming Equipment WORTH your money and the HACKS you NEED!

But I don’t want you to jump in to invest in expensive equipment.

When you’re starting out, I think you should make the most of what you have.

In this resource, I cover:

What I use to film?
What investments are the most WORTH IT, and..
Equipment that has made my filming process 5x MORE efficient

If you are getting started on YouTube or considering starting out in 2019, I would not want you to miss this one.

I am so psyched that I batched some AMAZING content for the next few weeks.

I’m so looking forward to sharing that! Let me know what you think about the freebies!

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– Vanessa

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