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If you’ve been following me over on Instagram, you would have caught a glimpse of my very first large-scale speaking gig where I spoke at Grow with Video Live.

It was a milestone moment for me because I shared the same stage as Gary Vee, Patrick Bet David, Sean Cannell, The Hormozi’s, and so many other entrepreneurs we all know and love.

But aside from being a speaker, I decided to attend majority of the event where I took countless notes on what differentiates those who are good vs. those who are great, whether it’s business, content creation, or life in general.

Keep reading for my favourite personal lessons from the event that I think will be valuable to kick off your week, no matter what stage of business you’re at.

🚀 Let’s go.

Table of Contents

(#PicsOrDidntHappen am I right?)

🌱 Lesson #1: People have the success they have not because they are smarter, but because they are willing to do the work you’re unwilling to do.

My biggest ah-ha moment was seeing how much output other entrepreneurs do to get the results they have.

Gary Vee spoke on stage for 60 minutes. His biggest conference VeeCon had just wrapped up a few days prior.

In between VeeCon and Grow with Video LIVE, he had already spoken at 3 additional events.

Real Estate Mogul Ryan Pineda spoke on stage, and right after went back to work with creating content and taking meetings.

The next day he spoke on stage again, met up with me do a podcast interview at his office, and after I left, he immediately went back to filming content for his course and social media platforms.

Sean Cannell was non stop creating content. If he’s not on stage, he’s capturing moments for his social media.

Even before the event started, mid-conversation, he invited me to film this dancing reel with him because he wanted to maximize the day.

Alex and Leila Hormozi spoke on stage, but before that, they had just wrapped up some interviews. Afterwards, they had more meetings to go to.

Not to mention, ALL of these creators post over 3-6x a day on a single platform.

I’m sharing these examples with you not because I want you to agree with this type of work ethic.

However, I’m sharing this with you to objectively showcase that even these types of big-scale entrepreneurs are on a whole other level when it comes to output.

🌱 Lesson #2: People who have a lot of wealth are people who have mastered their time.

After reading the first lesson, you might be thinking:

“I can’t do more output. I’m already capped out!”

One thing I learned from Alex and Leila Hormozi’s session was when they talked about how your ability to turn things down must level up if you want to gain more success.

Here’s a a decision filter they use that I found quite helpful:

1. Get clear on the main outcome you want. This is your big vision.

2. When you are trying to decide whether or not to take an opportunity, ask yourself, “Can I NOT do this, and still get to my end goal?”

If the answer is Yes, then drop the opportunity.

🌱 Lesson #3: There’s a difference between Entrepreneurs who do business for themselves vs. Doing business because they love it.


When asked about what the secret sauce is to Gary’s success, Gary said the reason why he’s successful is because he doesn’t want the things that come from being an Entrepreneur.

He wants to be great Entrepreneur. Period.

This is why most people will fail to replicate Gary’s success, because he’s not in it for the money. He’s in it because he loves the game of entrepreneurship.

For instance:

Gary talked about how most entrepreneurs start businesses because they want to take from their businesses.

Meaning, they’ll grab the profits and fund their lifestyle.

Gary on the other hand, he builds his businesses and he puts all the profits back into building more businesses.

Here’s what he said that spoke to me:

“The reason why you’re not winning is because you aren’t willing to spend 20-40k a month to hire your own D-ROCK. Instead, you want that money to buy a Lamborghini.”

(And by the way, if you don’t know who D-Rock is; it’s the guy that follows Gary around and films ALL of his content.)

Again – there is no right or wrong answer.

I’m just sharing that these people are on a whole other playing field.

It’s apples vs. oranges.

🌱 Lesson #4: Don’t let your comfort zone become your kill zone.

Anthony O’Neal shared a story about how he had to boil a frog in science class back when he was in High School.

Instead of turning up the heat to the maximum right away, he was instructed to turn up the temperature by a few notches every hour.

After a few hours, the frog eventually went to sleep and died in its sleep.

It didn’t try to escape. It didn’t thrash around. It remained calm up until it’s death.

It was almost as if the frog didn’t even know it was dying.

Here’s the thing:

Many people will think that it’s the boiling water that killed the frog.

But it’s not the water that killed the frog.

It was the frog’s comfort that killed himself.

Remember: Your comfort zone will eventually become your kill zone.

Be careful of this.

🌱 Lesson #5: If you want to win, decide you’re a nobody.

The person with the most humility in the room wins.

Gary Vee spoke a lot about how he’s willing to humble himself.

For example:

He still writes his own captions.

He’s willing to take collaborations that regular people would turn down.

When TikTok became popular, he was willing to humble himself and start from scratch on a new platform, even though he invested years growing his Instagram. Was he frustrated? Of course. But he’s willing to start from scratch again.

He also said:“The market doesn’t give a shit about your feelings. Have the humility to be willing to start from zero on a new platform.”

I really loved this advice because I, too,  feel resistant when new platforms emerge, because I am so comfortable with the platforms I’ve already spent time building.

But Gary is right.

If you want to get ahead, you must decide that you’re a nobody, and be willing to start from scratch no matter how big you get.

🌱 Lesson #6: Your life will change the moment you stop treating “Who do I want to be?” as a joke.

Patrick Bet David shared the moment his life changed.

It was the moment he consciously decided to not talk about his dreams and aspirations like it’s a joke.

How many of us dream about who we want to become, but with a sense of humour because we know it’s crazy?

Stop doing that.

Once you take your vision seriously, other people will too.

Stop making your dreams a joke. Because it’s not.

Have 100% conviction on who you want to become, and have absolute certainty that you will become that person.

🌱 Lesson #7: Scared money don’t make money.

One of my favourite moments of the event was when Sean Cannell shared his revenue journey with Think Media.

One year they did 1.1M.

The next year they did 900K. They made less revenue and they made no profit.

Despite the slower revenue, Sean consciously decided to invest everything back into the business.

At the time, it was the scariest thing he’s ever been through. But he knew that it was necessary if he wanted to grow his business.

Specifically, he understood that scared money, doesn’t make money.

He invested with conviction he would one day see a return.

The following year?

5 million.

The year after that?

7 million.

All thanks to the investments they made that year when they made zero profit.

Bottom line:

Commit to taking calculated risks because every next level of business comes after next level risk.

🌱 Lesson #8: Invest as much of your money after living expenses on building up your skills.

Leila Hormozi is one of my favourite entrepreneurs right now. Her Youtube videos are next level helpful and value-packed.

I was equally as shocked when I found out that she’s only 29, and she’s already learned how to scale businesses up to 100M+.

When asked about how she grew so fast despite having zero experience in business, she explained that she had spent every dime she had left after living expenses on learning.

How many of us cheap out on learning, but don’t cheap out on a new handbag? New watch? New clothes? I have!

Leila also says that it’s not just ONE program or person that helps you become successful. It’s MANY.

How many of us think that it’s enough to just invest in one coach? One program?

Upskilling is a continuous journey. Invest in yourself as much as possible. It will pay you back dividends.

And remember:

It’s not a single moment that makes you successful.

It’s a compound of a lot of small moments.

Every piece of information you absorb and implement counts, even the mistakes.

Boss, I hope you enjoyed this week’s email where I summarized some of my favourite lessons from the event.

This is easily thousands of dollars of advice that I got, and I’m honoured that I got to share some of these nuggets with you today.

There are definitely so many more lessons that I want to share, so stay tuned on my socials and keep your eyes peeled for my future newsletters – because I’ll be sprinkling a lot of other lessons along the way!

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